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It's a little before midnight and I have school tomorrow so this'll be short, but I wanted to put some notes in here for myself.

My goals for this week:
Post chapters one and two of "Drake and Skye" on here.
Write something for "Atlantica".

I've just gone through all of my posts and edited them with new fomatting I'm using. All I've changed is now in my post I will italicise all book, movie, and tv show titles. Episode titles and short story titles will be put it quotes. I don't know if I'm going to do anything uniform or special for the titles of my stories.

Friday Five, Supernatural Friday Five & "Playthings"

It is once again time for me to belated do the Supernatural Friday Five, and regular Friday Five. I'm starting off with the Supernatural Friday Five.

1. What's the most heartbreaking incident/fact that's been presented in the episodes so far?
In the episode "Salvation" Dean says, "Sammy, look...the three of us—that’s all we have. And that’s all I have. Sometimes I feel like I’m barely holdin’ it together, man. Without you and Dad..." I LOVE that scene. I also think the end scene from "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" was very emotional and I actually cried the first few times I watched it.

2. We've been seeing a lot of new guest stars this season. Would you like to see some of those characters come back, or do you think it's better to just have new characters?
I like Ash. And Ellen's okay. I thought Andy ("Simon Said") was pretty cool. The guiest star I really want to see again is Missouri Moseley from "Home". I know she's not from season two, but she's a character I want to see again.

3. Do you think we've seen the last of Gordon?
For a while I think. He'll probably come back to cause more trouble.

4. Do you think we've seen the last of Jo? (At least for this season?)
I wish. I think Dean and Sam will run into her eventually. I'm just glad she never became a love interest for Dean (Thank You Kripke!!).

5. What are you opinions on Ava Wilson? What do you think happened to her? Is she a "good" character, or an "evil-playing-good" character?
I think she's a "good" character. But to be fair, I thought Duane ("Croatoan") was a "good guy" too, and then he did that "Meg thing". I thought Ava was cute and funny.


Now for the non-Supernatural Friday Five.

1. What is the name of the strip mall nearest your residence, and is it the strip mall you frequent most?
The strip mall nearest me is the *town name* Fair Mall. It is the strip mall I frequent the most.

2. At your preferred strip mall, what is the name of one store you’ve never entered?
Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I don't think I've been in there yet.

3. Which store at your preferred strip mall would you most like to work in?
Village Candle. I'd probably break things though. I'm not the most graceful person.

4. Which store(s) at your preferred strip mall would you like to see disappear?
Hmm...We have too many sports shops, but I bet a bunch of people would disagree with making those go away.

5. How often do you go to your preferred strip mall?
Not very often, but someone from my family goes at least once a week because it's got our grocercy store in it.


And finally, my review of Thursday's episode of Supernatural "Playthings".

I want to start by saying that the mansion/hotel/whatever rocked!! It was awesome. I'm using very interesting words. I don't know if the hotel was a set or if they actually found that building and were allowed to use it, but I thought it was an amazing place. Creepy, but also that great "big ole house" feel. And the model of the hotel made me gasp. That is SO cool. I wish I had one of those. Despite the weirdness of dolls throwing themselves down flights of stairs and commiting suicide.

More gay jokes. Dean and Sam's entrance into the hotel and then discussion up in their room was hilarious. I'll start with Dean liking the old school haunted house type hunts. I like the line about maybe even seeing Fred and Daphe inside. "Mmm, Daphe. I love her." Great line. Not overstated. The hotel owner is not a very good judge of character. First she thinks the're antiquers, then she thinks they're gay. And that leads into Dean and Sam's conversation in their room. The one where Dean asks why people think they're gay. Sam explains that Dean is butch, and people probably think he's over compensating. Maybe so. Dean's reaction kind of confused me, but really, what do you say to something like that?

My Mom loved this next scene. Dean and Sam knock on the owner's door and see the large doll collection. I'm going to say that this piece was a way of Dean paying Sam back for calling him "butch". Dean tells the owner that Sam has a HUGE doll collection and would love to look at the dolls they have. He then goes on to explain how Sam would never admit it, but like to dress hjis dolls up in their little outfits, and how much more could I possibly love Jensen Ackles right now? He does it all so well. The owner lets them in and Dean's reaction is something to the effect of "not creepy at all". True. So many doll eyes. And they're all almost completely black. I think they're possessed.

The death scenes of the man taking things to Goodwill and the lawyer working for the people buying the hotel. I love how they cut from the dool house hotel replica to the actual hotel and real people. The door opening in the doll house and then opening in the lawyer's room, very cool.

Because of this episode we know that Sam can get drunk. It's good to know that he doesn't always keep himself in check. And despite the fact that it took me a second to catch to why he was acting so weird, Sam is quite funny when he's drunk. "You're bossy. And short." What an awesome line?! I had wondered when they'd address the fact that Dean is shorter than Sam. It's not like an older sibling can't be shorter than their younger sibling (my sis and I are also 4 years apart and she's definitely going to be taller than me), but it is kind of funny. Jensen is not short. He's 6 foot 1. Jared's just taller at 6 foot 3, or 4. Onward. Sam makes Dean promise that if he turns evil Dean will kill him just like their Dad told Dean too. They're really close and a groups of Wincest fans all over pass out and miss, nothing, because nothing happens. They're brothers for cryin' out loud!!

And this review is getting lengthy and taking too long, so I'll finish up with the pool scene. While I would have liked to see Dean/Jensen wet (again), I think it's fitting that Sam gets to save the drowning girl, whose name is Tyler, because Dean got to save Lucas from drowning in "Dead in the Water". Now they've each saved a drowning kid.

A few last notes. I love Dean's hangover "cure". Older siblings are the best. Why did Sam have to remember that Dean had promised to kill him? Doesn't he understand how much pressure he's putting on Dean?? Of course not. He's worried about turning evil.


It took so long to do these because I slept at a friend's house Thursday night. We watched Supernatural together. Then I got home mid-afternoon friday. Another of my friends called and I went to a basketball game and forgot about the Friday Fives. And I spent most of Saturday at a belated birthday party for another friend.

I have not been able to find Supernatural transcripts for season two. I wish the place that has the season one treanscripts had kept up with the new episodes because it's so much more fun to throw in accurate quotes when writing my reviews.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Hunted" & The Friday Fives

The Friday Five, and Supernatural Friday Five for yesterday. I realized in bed last night that I hadn't done them. So here goes. Last week I did the Supernatural Friday Five questions first, so this week I'm starting with the questions from

1. How high is your guilt threshold?
I feel guilty very easily, so I guess that make my guilt threshold very low. For instance, if I didn't do my homework I won't be able to make up a fake reason for why I didn't do I because I would already feel guilty for even thinking about lying to my teacher. I think it keeps me out of trouble because I know I would be able to pretend that I didn't do anything wrong.

2. How strong is your resistance to sweets?
My resistance to sweets is almost non-existant. I love candy and chocolate and only when I'm really full or REALLY sick can I turn it down.

3. How long is your fuse?
Long. I don't freak out about something until it's frustrated me for weeks. Right now I sit through a class where everyone else in the room spends the period talking and don't say anything because when I tried before it didn't help any.

4. What is the quickest way to get you hot (you know what we mean!)?
I don't know. I always seem to be cold. Eating chocolate and curling up with a book or fanfiction seems to give me the ability to ignore how cold I am.

5. How sensitive are you to ambient noise?
I can usually hear people coming to the door over my music. And I usually play my music to tune out the world.


And no the questions from the Supernatural Friday Five (link is in the Links list).

1. What's the one most humorous incident/fact that's been presented in the episodes so far?
The Prank Wars. I think it's so right for brothers. I think it was a great addition to the show and the episode (Hell House).

2. If humans can be represented by animal forms, what animals do you think Sam and Dean will be?
I like that in the fanfiction "I Thought I Saw" Dean turns into a panther, so I'll stick with a panther for Dean. I think it fits because Dean kind of has two sides: he's charming and gorgeous, but he's also a kick ass hunter. So panthers look pretty and soft, but you know that if you piss it off it will take you down and I think that fits with Dean. For Sam, I think a giraffe because he's so tall just kidding. A dolphin because he's so smart, but also a deer because they get skiddish around people. Sam's good with people, but he's not really ready to let go of Jessica and find another girl.

3. Do you live off spoilers or avoid them?
Some where in the middle. I try to avoid spoilers, but I also hate waiting for new episodes to come on Thursdays, so I usually cheat. I'm trying hard to avoid them though.

4. The Demon said it had family - children. Do you think that means literal offspring - baby!Demons - or like-minded, similar demons?I think off-spring, though I'm having trouble trying to imagine reproduction among demons. I think off-spring because Big Bad's "children" seem to be lower than him on the demon chain of command. They follow his orders and call him "father". I guess even if they aren't off-spring, then I don't think their similar demons either because they don't seem to have as much power as him (or they don't use it).

5. What was your first reaction to what Dean told Sam in the beginning of Hunted?
I was kind of let down, but that's okay. My second reaction was an outloud "Oh My God!," but thats because Dean said "please" more times in that scene than he had all of season one.


My review for Supernatural's January 11, 2007 episode "Hunted".

I liked this episode ALOT! Except for three very small pieces that I thought could have been better.

So I'll start with the parts I thought could have been better. Number 1: When Dean was punching Gordon I could tell none of the punches were landing (the first time I watched). Number 2: When the second grenade goes off behind Dean it definitely looked like it had been put in with computer. Jensen's reaction was great, but the background threw me (again on my first time watching it). And Number 3: When Sam slams Gordon with the butt of the gun it looked faked took. I only pick these things up because my family loves finding continuity and stuff in movies. And now I do it without trying. I noticed Andy's (Simon Said) van in an episode from season one, and it was only on-screen for a few seconds and it was a dark scene.

I love how Sam picked up the bullet from the rooftop and knew exactly what kind it was and al that. And Ava's response to his odd knowledge was great too.

I waited to post this review because I wanted to be able to find a picture of something I thought was funny. So, this is as close to the picture I want as I'm going to get.

The picture is from, which does lovely screencaps and more for every episode. Now, look at the picture. Good job (it's hard. I know). Dean's just been untied and ungagged. Sam just almost got blown up. So, Dean thought Sam was dead, and Sam was worried about Dean.To me, this is the PERFECT time for a hug. Instead, we get "that." I'm pretty sure that at one point Sam had his hands on Dean's shoulders, but I couldn't find that picture. Is this (see picture) as close to a hug as we're ever going to see them give each other?? I could slide in between them (and would willingly). We all know they can hug because the both hugged John in Shadow, and they kind of hugged in "Home" after Sam almost choked by the evil lamp. I could understand that maybe they wanted to make sure Gordon wasn't going to come in and kill them, but still...they got SOOO close! We almost got to see a hug, and then we didn't. Damn!

Who's really in control? Dean's older and he's been hunting longer so it makes sense that he would be "in charge," but for the past two episodes (and probably more) things seem to be going Sam's way. Dean's said more than once that he wants to stop hunting and take a break, and yet they continue hunting. I understand that showing them not hunting wouldn't be as exciting as watching them hunt, but I don't want to Dean to crash either. They haven't taken much of a break since they got Metallicar back up and running. And sometimes people just need everything to slow down so that they can process things. I think if I found out my sibling might possibly be turning EVIL I'd need sometime to think. I do think that during the hunts Dean seems to the one with the plans. He knows what he's doing, and they work together, but he seems to be "in command" when they're working a case.


I've heard that Jake Gyllenhaal is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight and I'm excited. I hope he does well.

I want to share a YouTube video with everyone, so here's the address: And the music videos these girls (?) make are amazing: The video clips match up with the songs, and the songs are all appropriate for Supernatural (they're not like Britney Spears songs).

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Drake Bell Mini-Obsession: I Blame Bailey

Drake Bell is a new obsession. I've seen a few episodes of Drake and Josh (I have to make an effort to fins them online because I don't have Nickelodeon) and I've seen the movie Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, but the thing that makes me like him so much is his music. I love him in Drake and Josh, but I can't watch the show while doing other things. I have his CD "It's Only Time" and I love it. I blame Bailey for getting me so into him. I've been listening to the CD on repeat since I got it on Monday.

I love the movie Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. My favorite part is when they've been kidnapped. Drake climbs up a bookshelf or something and they're looking over a poorly constructed wall (it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling) at what the bad guys are doing. One of the guys sees them and all the bad guys run around to the door of the room Drake and Josh are in. I think it hysterical that when TBG (The Bad Guys) open the door Drake and Josh are playing a clapping game. It's so simple that it's hilarious and I love it. I also like that Tony Hawk's Viper (in the movie, if not in real life) is standard. That was cool. Standard's are a lot of fun once you get used to driving them.

I think that's the end of my Drake Bell rant, for now. I realized that I hadn't really said anything about my new obsession (not as bad an obsession as Supernatural, thank God) so I had to post this.

New Wallpapers

So...I got bored last night and decided I needed to Photoshop something. So I went to work finding pictures, and I think I did pretty well.

I made two desktop pictures. The first one is from my friend Bailey. It is a Drake Bell wallpaper. I'm very proud of it. It's very simple. The picture is from

The second desktop picture I made is called 'My Christmas List'. It's the middle of January and I finally wrote my Christmas list. The picture is from I did a whole bunch of cool photoshop stuff to it, then put on the text.

Both of them are '.jpg' files. Don't claim them as your own please. They're both 1024 x 768. Because that's my screen size. The 'My Christmas List' one is my wallpaper now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dealing With Feelings

Just like last Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning, inspiration struck me at an ungodly hour last night/this morning. And I wrote this story. I'm now calling all the stories that come to me ,and are written at 2 in the morning "Two in the Morning Stories".

Title: Dealing with Feelings
Author: Me
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean and Sam after a fight.
Author's Notes: This story was inspired by the 15minuteficlets' word #2: uncomfortable. It actually only took 15 minutes to write, and was done at two in the morning, just like my story “That Devious Smirk”.

The silence that descended upon the car was not the usual companionable silence they were comfortable with. It was thick. Heavy with words unspoken.

Dean reached over and turned on the cassette player in an effort to cut through the unnatural silence. Foreigner rang out in the Impala. Every note seeming to reverberate off the car's interior surfaces. Instead of breaking the silence between the brothers, Dean noticed, the music seemed to add another barrier between them. Even if either of them found the right words to say, neither would speak over the music. Instead, the would sit, still and silent until the next rest stop or diner, or whenever conversation became necessary again. Then they'd sort it out the way they always dealt with their feelings. By ignoring them and moving on.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Very Own Award Show

I just watched the People's Choice Awards, and I've discovered that the shows, and celebrities I watch are never metioned. So, as a teen, if I were to make my own awards they would be like this:
The 'Only Show On The CW That Doesn't Tank on Thursdays at 9pm'...Supernatural.
The 'Cutest Giggle' Award...Drake Bell.
The 'Oh Damn Those Jeans Look Good!' Award...Jensen Ackles and Drake Bell (tie).
The 'Male Triple Threat: Sing, Act, Look Awesome' Award...another tie between Jensen Ackles and Drake Bell.
The 'Longest Running Show to Lose Its Leading Cast Member and Character' Award...Stargate SG-1.

Yeah. I'd need more awards. And an audience. But whatev. It's my blog I can plan any awards I want.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Fives

The following questions are from the Supernatural Friday Five. The link is in my links list if you're interested.

1. What's the quality you admire the most about your favourite guest star?
I'm going to say four favorite guest stars because their character's share some of the same traits: Cassie (Route 666), Haylie (Wendigo), Kat (Asylum) and Sarah (Provenance). They all have great taste in guys, except for Kat because Gavin was kinda dumb (Haylie was so checking out Dean). They're all strong women. They're not the typical damsells in distress that one would see on tv. They think and try to help and make decisions on their own. Haylie refused to leave the woods until she found her brother. Cassie stood up to Mayor Todd. Kat rocks with a shot gun and refused to the Asylum without Gavin (even though he was kinda dumb). Sarah wouldn't let Dean and Sam leave her out. She took responsibility for her father's actions and helped them out by giving them the provenances. They all stood up for themselves. Cassie made Dean say 'please' how many other guest stars have done that? None that I can think of.

2. Of the characters we've met, who do you think acts the most like a mother figure (other than Mary) towards the boys?
I think Dean is Sam's mother figure. Dean is the one that raised him the most (from what we've seen in the flashbacks and heard in the show). Dean is the one that makes sure he's okay and is there to back him up. Ellen is a mother figure to both of them, or she tries to be. She kind of looked out for them up until the end of 'No Exit'. She offered them a place to stay and kept an eye on them.

3. How do you think the lack of a permanent female presence in their lives has affected the brothers?
I believe the lack of a permanent female presence in their lives makes it harder for them to talk to females. Not that they're bad at it (God knows Dean isn't having troubles), but I would think that it would be a skill they would have to develop. This is a hard question. I would guess that they had to do all the things that a mother would usually do for their kid, for themselves.

4. Do you believe the different lighting cast on characters in this show is of any significance at all? And if so, what do you believe it's an indication of?
Sure. I believe that. I think it some scenes the light cast on a character signifies understanding.

5. Recommend one or two fanfics in this fandom that you've really enjoyed. (Please include whether pairings if applicable.)
On Angel's Wings, On Angel's Wings 2 and On Angel's Wings 3 by Mummyluvr. I love these stories. No parings.
That Vision Thing by InSecret. No pairings. Great story.
I Thought I Saw by The Cat's Whiskers. No pairing. Not many people could make Dean turn into a panther and still have him stay in character. Awesome story.


These questions are from the Friday Five. The link is in my links list.

1. What is one healthy food you really, really like?
Apples. I love apples.

2. In what area of your life are you especially well-organized?
My computer life. My computer is so organized. I have folder upon folder on my computer, by bedroom is a mess.

3. Who is someone you’ve managed to stay in touch with?
Lisa. We've never actually met in person, but we talk on IM and we've managed to stay connected for about a year now despite schoolwork and work schedules.

4. What bad habit were you able to break (or what vice were you able to give up), and what was it like going through that change?
I'm working on breaking my habit of making blogs and e-mails that I have no use for. It's hard, but I know in my heart that this is the only blog I need and if I change my e-mail address again my friends will just decide that easier to not e-mail me at all.

5. Someone out there, whether you know it or not, wishes he or she were more like you in some way. What is it he or she most likely admires you for?
My ability to not care about what other people say about me. I like what I like and other people can deal.


I like these. If I read the Supernatural Virtual Season on Tuesday, watch Plastic!Winchester Theater on Wednesday, Watch new episodes of Supernatural on Thursday, and do these Friday Fives on Friday, then the only days I have to worry about withdrawl are Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Go me!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

That Devious Smirk

In a moment of tired desperation last night (this morning) I remember the word posted by 15minuteficlets on May 4, 2003. The first word they ever posted: Happy. I thought it over as I tried to get to sleep and before I knew it I had a whole story planned out. I had no choice but to turn on my lamp and write the whole thing out so that I wouldn't forget it. And that I did. I wrote an entire story at 2 in the morning on a school night (day, whatever). And apparently I'm a very "in character" writer at the early hours of the morning when I want nothing more than to sleep. Because I'm very proud of this story.

Title: That Devious Smirk
Author: Me
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Just the guys, bein' guys.
Author's notes: My story for 15minuteficlets' word #1: happy. It took more than fifteen minutes, but I've never been one for rules.

The rain pounded against the exterior of the car. The wipers 'swished' back and forth, working to keep the windshield clear.

“Where are we?” Sam groggily asked Dean, who briefly shifted his gaze from the road to the passenger seat. Because Sam had been sleeping the music was playing softer than Dean thought his music should ever be played. He itched to turn it up to a more 'reasonable' level, but instead kept his hands on the wheel.

“Just outside of Jackson.”

Sam looked out of his window and watched as signs for Jackson passed. The rain was falling faster now than it had been when he'd fallen asleep, and the wind had picked up. Sam and Dean had been traveling together for over three months and Sam figured he was becoming proficient at figuring out what the older man was thinking.

From the look on Dean's face Sam could ascertain that either they had a hunt, Dean was planning on going to a bar in Jackson, or he was planning something mischievous. Lightning flashed lighting up the inside of the car. Knowing Dean, Sam concluded that it was almost certain his brother would go to a bar, and he was probably planning something mischievous as well. Dean would have told him if they had a hunt.

Sam saw his brother's expression change to one of concentration as the condition of the roads worsened with the weather. Dean gave into the urge to turn up the music and let the familiar notes and lyrics keep him focused.

They passed a sign for a motel and Dean navigated the exits and puddle-riddled streets to the parking lot of the motel.

“I'll get our room.” Dean told Sam as he opened the door, comforted by the familiar squeak. Sam unfolded himself from the passenger seat and retrieved his bag from the trunk as Dean used one of his many identities to get them a room for the night.


“Two beds and a bath.”

“Perfect.” Dean pulled out a Visa card under the name Alden Kinlaw and handed it to the manager.

“Room 6.” The manager had Dean sign the receipt then handed him the room key and his Visa card.

“Thanks.” He strode confidently out of the office, past his car, and Sam, and straight into their room, pausing only for a second to unlock the door.

Sam slammed the trunk and made his way to the door in time to hear the lock click.

“Funny.” He set down his bags and rapped on the door a few times. The only answer he got was the lights in the motel flicking on, the sound of the room's television and a satisfied sigh. “Come on, Dean, open up.”

The rain continued to fall steadily and Sam could feel the drops inching down his neck and back.

“Dean, you jerk!”

“Bitch.” Was the faint reply.

“Yeah, you're so hilarious.” He mumbled, pulling a lock pick set out of his bag.

Dean lie sprawled out comfortably on the bed, his back propped up against the headboard, legs stretched across the bed. He heard the clicking of Sam efficiently working through the lock and glanced at watch. Took him long enough to figure that one out.

Sam heard a final click as the lock gave way. He stowed the lock pick tools and opened the door. Dean was stretched out on the bed nearest the door. Sam tossed his bag to the floor at the end of the other bed.

“Having some trouble with the handle?” Dean asked innocently, grinning ear to ear. “I think it sticks.” Sam was dripping wet and Dean almost felt bad for locking him out...almost.

“Yeah. Whatever.” Sam went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Dean heard the water turn on and hopped off the bed. He slipped into his boots and slid on his leather jacket. He made his way out the door quietly and popped the truck, grabbing his bag from inside, and shutting it after.

He walked back through the rain to the door and heard the lock tumble as he grabbed the handle. He tried to turn it anyways and heard a laugh from inside.

“Are you having trouble with the handle? I think it sticks.” Sam echoed from somewhere in the room.

Dean heard the water in the bathroom start again.

Oh brother.


I've edited this so many times now that I'm finally ready to call it finished. Thanks to Lisa for helping me spell simple words like 'school', and to Ryan for keeping me in character. If you hadn't said anything about the opening I would have left it and said it was good. And it really wasn't. It was very out of character and brought down the rest of the piece.

I'm Just A Bored Fangirl With An Eye For Design

This picture inspires me. I love the outfit.

For anyone who wants to know, I stole this picture from Jensen Ross Ackles Unlimited (JRAU) and cropped it, 'cuz I needed to print it out. There are plently more pictures, clips, music videos, articles and more at JRAU.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Is Supernatural Such A Good Show?

Why is Supernatural such a good show?? I think I finally have an answer.

1. Eric Kripke :: Supernatural is his dream project. It was his hard work and dedication that got this show going and that keeps it strong. And he listens to what the fans have to say. We don't want Dean/Jo in the show, they don't get together.

2. The Writers :: Eric Kripke, John Shiban, Sera Gamble, Raelle Tucker, Richard Hatem, Terri Hughes, Ron Milbauer, Trey Callaway, Cathryn Humphris
Brad Buckner and Ben Edlund. They write the snark and the chick-flick moments, and the non-chick-flick moments. They've worked on shows such as Firefly, the X-Files, and more.

3. The Directors :: Kim Manners, Robert Singer, Philip Sgriccia, Peter Ellis, David Nutter. The direct everyone to make that every episode is awesome. They've worked on such shows as the X-Files, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Smallville, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Dark Angel.

4. The Cast :: How could I answer this question without a piece about the cast. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They work WAY too many hours a day so that we can drool at the screen for an hour a week. They both have enormous amounts of talent that makes this show easy to watch, follow, and fall for.

5. The Guest Stars :: Whether we like their characters or not, the guest stars on Supernatural are pretty great. Especially the recurring guest stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) and Nicki Aycox (Meg Masters). They add to the show and help to push the plot forward.

6. The Rest of the Crew :: The art people, the lighting people, the sound people, the people that pick the awesome music, the hair and make-up people, the assistant people, anyone I didn't mention before. The people working behind the scenes that aren't as recognized because Supernatural doesn't have an hour after the show for credits.

7. The Props and Sets :: Metallicar and Vancouver. A black '67 Chevy Impala and a city of many different looking areas perfect for shooting a show about two brothers who travel the U.S. in their car.

Looking at all the people behind the show, and the guys in front of the cameras, is it surprising that Supernatural is doing so well? Even against CSI, Grey's Anatomy, and The OC. McDreamy's got nothin' on the McWinchesters.

Rock on Supernatural!!

Commercial Break

This post is like a commercial. Go Read the Supernatural Virtual Season. The link is in my links list. As usual this week's episode is amazing and I recommend it (and all the other episodes) to all Supernatural fans.

Monday, January 01, 2007

My Display Picture/Icon

BTW, I finally changed display icon to Dean. I think this means I'm truly over Stargate now. I'll always have a special place in my heart for it, and I'll probably continue to write for the Stargate fandom on occasion.